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Are you interested in hiring someone at BCB for editing or artwork?

BCB can put you in touch with a professional freelance editor, just send us an email and we will send you contact information.  Our books are a good metric to determine how gifted our editor is.  He will accept both physical manuscripts and online documents, and BCB does not take any profit from his editing service.

The artwork on this website and in our books, including the covers and our maps, is ORIGINAL and should not be copied without permission.  We do use stock images in our videos, but not in our books or on this website.  Our art is produced by an aspiring artist currently working towards her Bachelor's degree in the field.  If you like what you see and are interested in a quote, you can email us for that as well.

A word about the author

B. J. Beck writes whenever she is not teaching math and computer science at her local high school.  The first short story she ever sent out for consideration was bought by Villainous Press and was published in the summer of 2014.  She recently teamed up with another family member to create the Brass Crab Books label, to learn about self-publishing as she continues to sell her work to outside markets.

Originally from Oklahoma, Beck grew up in a crowded household as the youngest of seven children.  Her father was an aerospace engineer, and her mother anchored the household as a housewife.  Beck graduated from Minot State University with a straight-A average, earning four college degrees in technical fields.  But, instead of starting a job, she ended up traveling around with her husband, a B-52 pilot, as a military spouse.  While raising their two children, she found time to become a master scuba diver, achieve a red belt in Tae Kwon Do, and turn her sewing skills into a successful costume design business.  She also has several trophies for sport fencing, and in her late teens she won the Oklahoma state fencing championship title (first in foil, second in epee).

Regardless of genre, Beck's stories often focus on honor, duty, and the various "old fashioned" values disappearing from today's world.  Her love of country also permeates throughout her fiction as well as a respect for those who make the ultimate sacrifice to protect others.  And, of course, there will always be elements of humor thrown in, because no life is complete -- even a fictional one -- without a little laughter.

Beck currently resides in Louisiana with her family and their pets.

Who are we?

Brass Crab Books is a family-owned self-publishing company, specializing in works of fantasy and science fiction.  Our motto, "A Nostalgic View of Tomorrow," refers to our desire to create works that recall the golden days of these genres, when character and stylized prose combined with action and adventure to create a story that lingers long after the last page is read.

Our company is named in honor of our late sister, Cathy Ruth Ann Ball-Brazzell. Cathy was an accomplished writer, a graduate of the Clarion Writers Workshop, and was known by friends and family for her dedication to literature.  She encouraged everyone she knew to read, read, read ... and to hone their craft as a writer.

Ironically, Cathy frequently expressed her aversion to self-publication and owned a collection of "favorites from vanity presses."  She held such reservations primarily due to the poor review process that self-published authors put their writing through.  And, also ironically, her criticism is our inspiration.  The face of self-publishing -- and publishing in general -- has changed with the advent of e-books and e-readers, and the term "vanity press" has become obsolete.  There is an increasing number of self-published authors who are putting out works on par with the major houses, thanks to their talent and a support system of alpha and beta readers.  Brass Crab Books takes the additional step of professional editing, because even bestselling authors get their work edited ... and because Cathy would not expect anything less from a company that bears her name.  BCB will always go through the expense and effort to have our publications professionally edited for both copy and content, to strive towards producing stories that would meet her high expectations.

Do we succeed in our efforts?  Well, read them and see for yourself!

Does Brass Crab Books take submissions?

No, at this time BCB is not an independent publisher but a self-publisher, so we do not take submissions from outside sources.  Depending upon our success, we may branch out, but at this time we will only be publishing our own works.

With that said, if you are a writer, then YOU can be a self-publisher.  Not only is there a wealth of information already online to get you started, BCB representatives attend science fictions conventions and are always willing to share information as to how we run our business.  It is an area we encourage those interested to pursue, since helping aspiring writers was also Cathy's passion.  So, Go, Do!  The only person in your way is You!