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The Mending Wars  is a trilogy set in a fantasy world inspired by the universal struggles experienced by military men and women. Love, honor, despair, death; a soldier knows them all ...

Book Two, Cracks On The Lake, is in the works for 2016

Book Three, The First Abyss, will follow in 2017

A Nostalgic View of Tomorrow

The Fields Where Soldiers Play

From the depths of a hastily-dug tunnel to the peak of a snow-laden mountain, a soldier's battlefield is rarely a place of his, or her, choosing...

Fortunately, Sir Jacien Blyne is coming home from war.  Unfortunately, he's headed into something far worse.

The country of Newelen is rich, prosperous, and vulnerable. A conspiracy has arisen to overthrow the kingdom, formed by countries that have uncovered a valuable secret. Given no time to grieve for lost friends or to reconcile with his wife, Sir Jacien must take up arms once again.

With help from others he'd met at war, including a cave-dwelling Daferin and a disciplined female warrior, Jacien will head into battle. Not only is the enemy ready with an army, it has the advantage of Reticulative Magic on its side.

Being outnumbered, however, is irrelevant.  Sir Jacien believes he is fighting for his home.

He isn't.

Newelen alone is not all the invaders want ...

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The Fields Where Soldiers Play

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